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It’s easy to accidentally miss out on the adventure awaiting you. Are you ready to stop living your life on autopilot?

How would your life be different if you re-thought everything?

Sound all too familiar?

Do you drag through five days of work just to get to the weekend feeling worn out? Do you
have a big dream but feel stuck and distracted by all the other things that need to get done each day? Do you desire to live a spontaneous, joy-filled life but feel stuck?

Then Bob Weekly is for you! Bob Weekly is a monthly subscription of weekly teaching videos and guided curriculum from Bob Goff to help you live a life of whimsy and direction.

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In Bob Weekly, Bob will not only teach you how to live a life of love and whimsy but also share his best tips on creating community, walking close to Jesus, thriving in entrepreneurship, and more. Everything will be taught in weekly videos and reflection exercises that are action-oriented. It’s nice to talk about our big dreams, but it’s action that makes them take flight.

Week 1: Expectations
Week 2: Peace
Week 3: Joy

Join Bob Weekly and get all the tools you need to move from ordinary to extraordinary!

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Common Questions
How much is it?

This is a subscription-based product that costs $8.99/month. By paying monthly, you will receive weekly videos from Bob posted through Kajaba,  our hosting platform. You can cancel your membership at any time. We also offer a yearly subscription that costs $89/year.

How do I access the content each week?

The weekly videos and content can be accessed through your smartphone, tablet or desktop! Once you purchase your subscription, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to login. You will be notified via email each Tuesday when a new video is released.

Who’s it for?

If Bob’s message has inspired you in the past, you’re not going to want to miss out on Bob Weekly. Bob’s stories will inspire you to dream bigger, laugh more, and live a life of whimsy. Hit pause on the distractions that are filling up your day-to-day life and take some time each week to focus on a voice we can trust - Bob Goff.

Can I gift it to someone else?

Yes! You can purchase Bob Weekly as a gift here.

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