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Life’s too short to just go through the motions.

You know it, deep down – you’re not made for the ordinary. Your life is meant to be an adventure, fueled by grace and inspired by big dreams to make the world a better place.

But, stuff gets in the way. Whether it's people who tell you to be practical, a version of a faith that keeps you small, or a few bruises that take you out along the way – we all have a longing to break out of the status quo and get after the life we're meant to live.

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Meet Bob Goff

Author, Speaker, Coach and Dreamer

Bob spent decades as an attorney, trying to figure out how to live a whimsical, impactful life. These days, he calls himself a "recovering lawyer" because after practicing law for 25 years, then becoming the Honorary Consul to Uganda, he gave up his law firm to pursue writing and speaking full time. He's a New York Times bestselling author several times over, runs a popular weekly podcast, and recently turned farmer at The Oaks just outside San Diego, California.

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Latest Release

Capture your purpose. Rediscover your joy.

Check out Bob's newest New York Times Bestseller, Undistracted. Through the pithy and inspiring storytelling that has endeared him to millions, Bob invites you to laugh with more gusto, dream with more confidence, and love with more intention in this disarming call to live