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Living a focused, engaged life of love, adventure, and impact shouldn’t be a mystery. It’s what we’re all wired for, it’s what we all long for. But, it’s not the norm. Most people feel like they’re missing out on a different life, a life that others seem to experience. That it would’ve all just worked out by now, but it hasn’t. Like they’re languishing- and this must be as good as it gets.

But, there’s so much more in store!

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Six On-Demand Video Courses

With an ever-growing library of interactive, high-quality digital courses to guide you to rearrange your life in a tangible way.

Guided Interactive Exercises

Each course is filled with actionable exercises for your own reflection as well as discussions with close friends and family.

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The last thing we want is for you to feel like your money is wasted. If you start taking one of the courses inside the Dream Big Academy, commit yourself to the work, but don't feel satisfied with the content or curriculum- just shoot us an email and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

What’s Inside?

All of the Dream Big Academy online courses are highly interactive. Driven by Bob’s whimsical teaching style over high-quality videos, combined with best-in-class curriculum and interaction, these courses are designed to challenge you and move you towards the life you’re meant to live. You can also sign up for just one course at a time on the Course Library page!

Dream Big Online Course

Bob's 7-step approach will help you gain clarity, focus your passions, and get you moving on what you've always wanted to achieve. You can dive into the Dream Big curriculum, listen to your favorite stories, and continue to push toward your big dreams, all from the comfort of your own home. This isn't a seminar, it's a conversation with purpose. These videos are equal parts fun and engaging and will point you towards who you are becoming.

What’s Included:
- 8 dynamic storytelling session videos with Bob
- A digital PDF of the Dream Big workbook which includes 7 Custom Made Watercolor prints, designed exclusively for Dream Big Framework

Dream Big Taking Off

A guided online experience for people just getting started in life to help you discover, declare, and chase the big dreams you have for your future. We've heard from so many 20-somethings that they wish we could create something specifically for them. Well...we did! We created a new program called Dream Big Taking Off, it's specifically for young adults, students & recent grads who want to start their lives on the right path and live out their big dreams.

What’s Included:
- 40 dynamic storytelling videos with Bob
- An editable PDF of the Dream Big Taking Off Framework
- Guided instructions for self-reflection exercises
- Guided discussions with a friend or small group
- Permission to define, declare, and chase your big dreams

Public Speaking

You have a story to share, a message to get across. Bob and his team have put together this engaging and interactive online course to share everything he’s learned over the years for how to deliver impactful talks that change people’s lives.

This course will guide you to create deep, relevant content that is clear and compelling. You’ll have every tool you need to continuously grow as a more effective speaker and to expand your influence. You will grow in confidence in your ability to communicate effectively and competent in your ability to impact any audience.

Through interviews, interactive worksheets and downloads, Bob will not only share a step-by-step framework to truly understand your audience, write great content, and deliver a message with passion and clarity but also offer to you every tool he uses to grow a speaking business. Whether you're a seasoned communicator or you're anxious about your first presentation coming up, this course was designed for you.

What’s Included:
- 12 video interviews of Bob getting into the details of all the lessons he's learned
- A 6-step framework for creating great content and delivering a talk that impacts lives
- 100+ page downloadable workbook
- Bonus content for everything you need to know and do to build a speaking business
- Over a dozen downloads to use over and over again

Author Class

Everyone has at least one or two books inside them. We put together a 7-step framework to guide you with videos from Bob and an interactive workbook with dozens of exercises so you can get your words out into the world.

What’s Included:
- A 7-step learn-by-doing framework guiding you through the entire writing process so your words make the most impact
- A 130+ page interactive workbook that will guide you through a series of exercises to understand your voice, know your target reader, and structure your writing in the most impactful way
- Exclusive teaching videos from Bob guiding you through the process
- Special bonus content on platform building and the book business

Dreaming Big for Your Family

This engaging and interactive video course will guide you to create a connected, joy-filled family. You’ll have every tool you need to continuously grow as a family and create a lasting legacy.

What’s Included:
- 10+ videos of Bob's teaching
- 5 foundational topics + other important topics
- Reflection exercises

Dreaming Big for Your Career

The work you do matters. Don't get stuck in a career that leaves you feeling empty. Join Bob in crafting a career full of impact and joy.

What’s Included:
- Instant access to 10+ videos of Bob's teaching
- A clear pathway to crafting a career aligned with your skillset and ambitions
- Downloadable workbook
- Reflection exercises