Attend any of the following workshops to help your ambitions take flight with Bob as your guide!

January 30 - February 1

Reimagining What's Next: A Special Workshop with Bob Goff and Shauna Niequist

Through rich storytelling, honest questions, and helpful tools, Bob and Shauna will guide us into a rich conversation about living intentionally, growing into the people we are made to be, and reimagining our faith and practices.

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February 20-22

Writer's Workshop at The Oaks

Calling all writers! Whether you’re knee-deep in a writing project or just need the time and space to start putting pen to paper, The Oaks is the perfect backdrop for your next chapter.

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March 6-8

Storyteller’s Workshop at The Oaks

Want to tell your story in a memorable way that engages your audience from start to finish and leaves them full of wonder? Anyone with a message to share–this workshop is for you!

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May 16-18

School of Whimsy in Waco, TX

The School of Whimsy is a three-day experience where you’ll learn how to develop a spirit of adventure that leads to a life of meaning. Together we’ll discover Bob’s secret to living out strategic whimsy! Registration isn't open yet but click the button below to join the waitlist!

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There’s nothing ordinary about Bob’s dynamic approach to life and he’s here to pass on some of the magic.